Sugar Creek Holler Mountain Cabin

Burnsville, NC View Map →

Max Occupancy: 8


7-Nights: $775 - $1050
3-Nights: $555 - $750
Nightly: $185 - $225
Monthly: $2250 - $2950


Fireplace, Pets, Washer/Dryer, Cable/Satellite, Air Conditioning, Linen, View, Dishwasher

Additional Amenities

Private, Internet, hiking out the door, views, king bed, 3/3


Welcome to Sugar Creek Holler, our home! We’ve loved this cabin since it was built it in 2008. It is located in one of the more rural parts of North Carolina, yet enjoys easy access to Asheville. The following information is our effort to enhance your experience here and to facilitate you helping us care for our home. First let’s try to enhance your experience. Read on!

The holler is located above Sugar Fork Creek which lies just a short distance through the woods on the other side of the paved road. The Creek, and its companion Bald Mountain Creek, are located in a healthy red oak mountain

forest. We are in the woods. The creeks flow even in drought years. These woods are home to a wide variety of wildlife including ’possums, raccoons, bears, a wide variety of birds, the occasional snake, coyotes, a very healthy deer population, chipmunks, squirrels, turkeys, and many more critters too numerous to list. On a day to day basis you should remember:

  • Don’t sleep with the doors open. You may have visitors if you do. Bears, possums, and raccoons are perfectly capable of climbing onto the deck. We’ve seen it.
  • Sleeping with the windows open is fine. We do it.
  • Keep the lid on the garbage can tied down with the bungee cords or you will have garbage to pick up. If you don’t pick up the garbage you may have very close encounters with critters. I could tell you a few stories.
  • When the garbage can is full please take the trash to the transfer station. It is 6 miles down Bald Mountain Road. Exit the Preserve gate, turn left, go to where the road “Ts”, turn right, go about 200 yards and the dump is on the left. It is open 7 to 7 Monday through Saturday.
  • Please do not build fires on the property. Winds can rise rapidly in these mountains and cause fires to quickly get out of control. The Pavilion is an excellent place for an evening fire. More on that later.

Climate control. We enjoy a four season climate. This means:

  • We rarely need to use heat or air conditioning in the spring and fall.
  • Occasionally we need AC in the summer. When we need it we use it but most of the time the ceiling fans do the job.
  •  In the cold months we usually heat with the woodstove but the central heat works well and is less effort.
  • There are auxiliary electric heaters for the downstairs bedrooms if you need them. The downstairs tends to stay cooler year round than the main level because it is built into the side of the hill.
  • If you use the central AC please turn it off when your visit is over.
  • If it is mid-October through mid-April please leave the heat running at 52 degrees when your visit is over to minimize the risk of freezing pipes.


Calendar shows Monday to Sunday.


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